Imagine your accountant and financial planner, working in harmony. Just for you.

Does this sound familiar: "You might want to ask your CPA about that..." With most financial planners, coordination with their client's CPA is rare, at best. Taxes and accounting are a separate world beyond their immediate concern. All too often, you miss tax savings and other opportunities because of the disconnect between your financial planner and CPA.

At Rollins, we offer financial planning and accounting under one roof. Our sister firm, Rollins & Van Lear, is a full-service Certified Public Accounting firm providing tax, accounting, auditing, consulting, and compliance services since 1981 to individuals and businesses of all sizes.

Since our financial planners work side-by-side with our accountants, we can get answers quickly to complex tax questions—answers that can mean significant savings for you. Everyone is on one team—your team—coordinating your financial future.