Deciding whom to entrust your finances can be a daunting task. Choosing an independent financial advisor means your fiduciary interests come first.


The last thing you want from your financial advisor is investment advice driven by paid sales commissions. This is exactly what most brokerage firms do. They are compensated based on the financial products they sell. An independent fee-only financial advisor is paid a management fee based on the assets under management.  This way our interests are aligned with the interest of our client as we are incentivized to grow and preserve our client assets. Fee-only advisors act according to the  fiduciary standard, a responsibility to act in their clients’ best interests. Therefore, fee-only advisors have fewer inherent conflicts of interest, and can provide more comprehensive, unbiased advice.


We understand that each client has unique goals and objectives with different risk tolerances and investment time horizons. As investment advisers, we focus on developing strategies to assist our clients in reaching their specific goals. We evaluate economic and market changes continuously in order to make suitable allocation decisions that maximize growth potential and provide income while also protecting capital. 


We use a diversified approach to investing, allocating our client portfolios across an array of equity styles, asset classes and specific sectors that are perceived to be undervalued or are attractively positioned. Our investment portfolios typically consist of a combination of actively managed funds, passive mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds. The financial markets can be volatile and unpredictable, which makes diversification essential. 


We have an open door policy and are readily available for meetings and communication, which we believe are essential components of an effective client/adviser relationship. Our experienced advisers are always available to assist you, whether you need an answer to a simple question or if you have more complicated concerns.