Are you on track to retire when and how you want?

It’s always fun to daydream about what you might do when you no longer have to work, right? Then, the reality sets in: how much do you need to save? how will costs, like your child's college tuition, impact your plans? 

All of the factors that drive your retirement should be identified and carefully considered to ensure your chance of enjoying the retirement lifestyle of your dreams. 

Get Sound Advice, Not a Sales Pitch

Do you know your financial advisor's name? Does he know yours? Maybe it's time for a check up with an unbiased professional who doesn't treat you like a number.

Ranked #20 nationwide in CNBC's Top 100 Fee-only Wealth Managers List, Rollins Financial is a boutique financial services firm based in Atlanta. We work with clients at all stages of life: from young professionals paying off student loans, to parents planning for college, to seniors preparing for retirement and beyond.

Wherever you are in the process, our personable team of financial experts will help you meet your investment goals with a streamlined, transparent, and disciplined approach you can trust.


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About Rollins Financial

Atlanta-based Rollins Financial, Inc. is a registered investment advisory (RIA) firm established with more than 25 years of exceptional service. We offer independent investment management services for individuals, small businesses and corporations nationwide. Rollins is an independent investment adviser firm with a commitment to objectivity, transparency and disciplined investing.

We are located in Buckhead in the heart of the Atlanta Financial Center:

3343 Peachtree Road NE
East Tower | Suite 500
Atlanta, Georgia 30326



Why Choose Rollins?

Rollins Financial, Inc. was recently named by CNBC as number 20 in its second annual list of the top 100 wealth management firms (fee only) in the U.S. Firms were ranked by the CNBC Digital editorial team, along with Meridian-IQ, using a formula which evaluates assets under management; having staff with professional designations; working with CPAs, attorneys or other third-party professionals; average account size; growth of assets; years in business; number of advisory clients; and providing advice on insurance solutions. Rollins Financial, Inc. achieved the highest rating of any firm based in the state of Georgia.

CNBC’s recognition is a great honor to our firm. It reflects our dedication to providing such a high level of expertise to our clients along with exceptional service.
— Joe Rollins